Preperations are coming along nicely….


Welcome one and all to my blog. I am going to try and use this to keep everyone informed about how Eilidh and I are getting along in our travels, where we are and what we are doing.

We have discovered that our first weekend in Rio de Janeiro will be Easter weekend.  This could not have worked out much better, as Brazil is a massively Catholic country that knows how to party!

We have now booked our first weeks worth of accomodation. We are staying for 3 nights at the Casa CarioKa Copacabana and then the following 5 nights at Villa Leonor. These 2 hostel look quite different, with Casa CarioKa Copacabana about 5 mins away from Copacabana Beach while also being in a jungle! Villa Leonor on the other hand is in the Santa Teresa area of Rio, this is the art district and is meant to have some pretty stellar parties over Easter weekend!

We are also well along in getting immunised up to the hilt. Rabies, the heps, yellow fever and polio are among a few of the diseases I am now ready to face in mortal combat in the depths of the amazon.

So, first update down and preparations are coming along nicely. 4 weeks right now and we will be in Rio living the Carioca lifestyle, heading for sun, fun and Easter celebrations 😀


About drcajunstyle

Going travelling around South America with my girlfriend Eilidh. Going to be chasing the sun, enjoying the beach, sipping the caprinhas and showing the Brazilian how beach football should be played. You can contact me via Twitter @drcajunstyle
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11 Responses to Preperations are coming along nicely….

  1. Mark Twelves says:

    Looks awesome Zach

  2. Mum says:

    Good commentary thus far. Will look forward to following your travels and hopefully joining you somewhere along the way! You lucky bugger… Wish I was going too! Mum x

    • Beverley Twelves says:

      Great to hear that your plans are progressing nicely. I am so excited about your trip.


  3. Beverley Twelves says:

    Your blog is very impressive, Zach. I look forward to travelling around the world with both of you. Last comment : I would like to be invited to the Easter Party you keep talking about. I have been deprived of this experience

  4. Dad says:

    Looking forward to following the Tour through your blog =:-{) I am particularly looking forward to the New Zealand leg of it and meeting up there with you!


  5. Hey Zach-nephew-dude;-)
    What a great idea to keep us all posted via your blog. I will certainly be looking forward to following your exploits round the world as will Pat and your cousins.
    Have a blast! I am only humungously envious!

  6. Beverley Twelves says:

    Subscribing to the site

  7. Dad says:

    Wot, no updates? What kind of part time blog is this? =:-{(

  8. Mum says:

    You’ve finished work with a bang and you are on the final countdown to departure. The blog audience awaits your next installment! Or perhaps you are too busy tidying up and clearing out??? x

  9. says:

    Bon voyage Zach! I look foward to the uptates.

  10. Dad says:

    The trip is officially underway. We said goodbye to Zach and Eilidh this morning at Glasgow airport! Happy trails and lots of great memories!

    Sounds like it is going to be raining tomorrow in Rio- sunny in Alloa. Where would you rather be???



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