We have arrived!! Eilidh and I landed in Rio last night after a 12 hour flight from London. It was long, we got little sleep but at least the films were good (Due Date, True Grit) and the food was certainly not the worst plane food I’ve ever had. Thanks BA. Eilidh was on fine form, first of all opening her orange juice all over herself around 5 minutes into the Glasgow – London flight, and then promptly dropping the egg from her breakfast straight into her cup of tea! It was an extremely long day but waking up this morning, looking out of the window and seeing sun, jungle and more sun is exactly what we are here for!! The guesthouse that we are staying in the next couple of days is really nice and is run by a lovely Aussie called Alegra.

We got a taxi from the airport to the guesthouse, and while driving through the city we saw Christ the Redeemer all lit up on his pedestal on the hill! It looked amazing at night and we cannot wait to see it properly! Today we will be taking it easy, we are just about to get up and at ’em, we will probably be hitting the beach imminently! Although the weatherwatchers in Alloa predicted rain, the sun is shining and it looks like a lovely day in Rio!

Would just like to say thanks to everyone for an amazing send off, these last couple of weeks have been hard for both of us in saying good bye to you all. The send off party last week was amazing and Eilidh and I would like to thank both Max’s for letting us all run riot for the night and also to everyone who came to wish us bon voyage.

Same goes to our families who gave us fantastic send off weekends, you will all be sorely missed.

Right, we are off to see what Rio is all about, Copacabana beach watch out!!

Pictures of day 1 are up on flickr! See them here –

(In terms of time differences here, we are 4 hours behind the UK and 1 hour in front of the East Coast of the States.)

Peace and Love,

Zach and Eilidh


About drcajunstyle

Going travelling around South America with my girlfriend Eilidh. Going to be chasing the sun, enjoying the beach, sipping the caprinhas and showing the Brazilian how beach football should be played. You can contact me via Twitter @drcajunstyle
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3 Responses to Arrival!!!

  1. I trust a few renditions of the Barry Manilow’s Copacobana will be sung while toasting in the sun and having a dip in the sea.
    I have had to come inside as it is too hot to be in the garden…mad dogs and englishmen and all that…and I am neither;-)
    Have great fun and look forward to the updates.

  2. Elaine Eardley says:

    Hey Zach! Good to read that you’ve got there safe and sound and are enjoying the delights of Rio 🙂 Missing your cheery face around the office though and the 46 MSN’s a day telling me you’ve sold something else! Have fun and keep up the posts 🙂 Lainey x

  3. Beverley Twelves says:

    Happy smiles and beautiful scenery!

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