Rio – 3 days in the sun!!

We have now been in Rio for 3 days and we are loving it! We have just moved to our second accommodation Villa Leonor and we will be here for the next 5 nights taking us up until Tuesday.

Day 1 – On day 1 we hit up Copacabana beach as I’m sure you can all see from the pictures on flickr! We spent most of the day there, and it was absolutely amazing! With temperatures of around 30 degrees C, I was certainly feeling the heat. My poor white Scottish skin couldn’t handle the Brazilian supersun and my feet got a wee bit burnt. Still, with the surf battering away at the pristine sand on the 2 mile long beach and us in full on holiday mode, a little bit of sunburn couldn’t detract from the amazing first day we had in Rio.

Day 2 -We kicked of the day with an amazing breakfast at one of the little cafes we had noticed the night before and we then headed to our destination for the day. We had seen a massive white building towards the far end of Copacabana beach and we decided to go check it out, it was Fort Copacabana and on its roof it had the biggest gun I had ever seen. It also had an (what we assume was) interesting museum about its history. Unfortunately we couldn’t understand anything as it was all in Portuguese, but we looked at all the displays and were suitably impressed! I also managed to take a few cheeky snaps of inside the museum (against regulation!) and they will be posted on flickr in the next couple of days. We wandered around the museum before taking cover in the shade of some trees wi a couple of beers and read our kindles for the rest of the afternoon.

We headed out for dinner, and with many Brazilian restaurants offering buffets where you pay by the weight we decided to try that. Whilst by no means the worst meal Eilidh and I have had on our various travels together, it was also not the best. Pretty weird way of serving food if you ask me, but it was jumping with Cariocas so we gave it a shot. After dinner we hit a frozen yoghurt shop for pudding (chocolate chips, strawberries, coconut and passion fruit sauce, amazing) then on to the Boteco (Pub) for our first Brazilian football experience. Flamengo and Horizonte were playing in the semi of the Rio Cup, we had our first Caipirinhas and enjoyed the match amongst the passionate locals.

Day 3 – Today we have moved to Villa Leonor as I mentioned above, it is in the artist district of Santa Teresa. Once we had got in and settled we went out for a lovely lunch at one of the local restaurants, we are now just about to head out and find somewhere for dinner, no rest for the wicked! 😀

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We have arrived!! Eilidh and I landed in Rio last night after a 12 hour flight from London. It was long, we got little sleep but at least the films were good (Due Date, True Grit) and the food was certainly not the worst plane food I’ve ever had. Thanks BA. Eilidh was on fine form, first of all opening her orange juice all over herself around 5 minutes into the Glasgow – London flight, and then promptly dropping the egg from her breakfast straight into her cup of tea! It was an extremely long day but waking up this morning, looking out of the window and seeing sun, jungle and more sun is exactly what we are here for!! The guesthouse that we are staying in the next couple of days is really nice and is run by a lovely Aussie called Alegra.

We got a taxi from the airport to the guesthouse, and while driving through the city we saw Christ the Redeemer all lit up on his pedestal on the hill! It looked amazing at night and we cannot wait to see it properly! Today we will be taking it easy, we are just about to get up and at ’em, we will probably be hitting the beach imminently! Although the weatherwatchers in Alloa predicted rain, the sun is shining and it looks like a lovely day in Rio!

Would just like to say thanks to everyone for an amazing send off, these last couple of weeks have been hard for both of us in saying good bye to you all. The send off party last week was amazing and Eilidh and I would like to thank both Max’s for letting us all run riot for the night and also to everyone who came to wish us bon voyage.

Same goes to our families who gave us fantastic send off weekends, you will all be sorely missed.

Right, we are off to see what Rio is all about, Copacabana beach watch out!!

Pictures of day 1 are up on flickr! See them here –

(In terms of time differences here, we are 4 hours behind the UK and 1 hour in front of the East Coast of the States.)

Peace and Love,

Zach and Eilidh

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Preperations are coming along nicely….


Welcome one and all to my blog. I am going to try and use this to keep everyone informed about how Eilidh and I are getting along in our travels, where we are and what we are doing.

We have discovered that our first weekend in Rio de Janeiro will be Easter weekend.  This could not have worked out much better, as Brazil is a massively Catholic country that knows how to party!

We have now booked our first weeks worth of accomodation. We are staying for 3 nights at the Casa CarioKa Copacabana and then the following 5 nights at Villa Leonor. These 2 hostel look quite different, with Casa CarioKa Copacabana about 5 mins away from Copacabana Beach while also being in a jungle! Villa Leonor on the other hand is in the Santa Teresa area of Rio, this is the art district and is meant to have some pretty stellar parties over Easter weekend!

We are also well along in getting immunised up to the hilt. Rabies, the heps, yellow fever and polio are among a few of the diseases I am now ready to face in mortal combat in the depths of the amazon.

So, first update down and preparations are coming along nicely. 4 weeks right now and we will be in Rio living the Carioca lifestyle, heading for sun, fun and Easter celebrations 😀

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